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The radiology management software will be entered from front office for outpatient and from ward for inpatients. Radiology is a branch of medical technology that involves diagnosis and guided treatment of some diseases, based on the information obtained from clinical imaging tests. Radiology can be divided into two sub-branches: diagnostic radiology and surgical radiology. Diagnostic radiology uses radiological imaging techniques viz. surgical radiology is an independent

Radiologic Report And Features

X-ray imaging, ultrasound, computed tomography, positron emission tomography, etc. While surgical radiology encompasses minimal surgical interventions for the imaging of organs. With the advent of new and modern methods of disease treatment, radiology has become essential in the healthcare industry. Radiology research focuses on the development of new and safer imaging techniques and technologies to perform image-guided procedures.


Radiology Management Features:

The objective of this module is to generate radiology report of patients based on the doctors request.

The Reports Includes:

  • Radiology report master
  • Radiology report creation
  • Radiology result monitoring
  • Remote result monitoring
  • Radiology report editing security
  • Patient-wise radiology report
  • Radiology report Date-wise

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