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Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, sits off the mainland on an island in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. The Abu Dhabi emirate health system is internationally well-positioned and competing with others from the developed countries, even facing the challenge of the unique characteristic of the population, both UAE citizens, and expatriates. It seems there is an effort in following the latest scientific evidence with the intention to achieve health gains (patient outcomes and limited resources) economic reductions. Both public and private healthcare facilities are available in Abu Dhabi, and the level of care and comfort is highly regarded across the board. Many expats still hold onto the perspective that public facilities largely function as emergency service centers, and private facilities and clinics are more appropriate for everything else. Regardless of this viewpoint, an expat's specific health insurance coverage dictates in which hospitals they can receive treatment. List of Healthcare centers in Abu Dhabi are listed below


List of Clinics & Hospitals in Abu Dhabi

  • Al Noor Hospital
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Corniche Hospital
  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
  • Fakih IVF
  • Ahalia Hospital
  • Gulf Diagnostic Center WLL
  • Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic
  • Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
  • Abu Dhabi Medical Center
  • Ahmed Mustafa Dental Clinic
  • Ailabouni Medical Clinic
  • Al Ahli Hospitals
  • Al Ahli Mustafa Medical Center
  • Al Ahli Specialist Medical Center
  • Al Ain Medical Clinic
  • Al Amal Medical Center
  • Al Burj Medical Center
  • Al Dana Dental & Medical Center
  • Al Dhara Dental Clinic
  • Al Faheem Medical Center
  • Al Falah Medical Center
  • Al Hendawy Medical Center
  • Al Ghadeer Specialist Medical Center
  • Al Ghazali Specialist Medical Center

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