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MedicoPlus is a comprehensive hospital management software that caters to the requirements of hospitals, medicals centers, clinics, polyclinics, etc.Information technology will play a great role within the provision of best patient care. Our efficient Hospital Management software system or Hospital Information System(HMIS) in UAE, Dubai is a perfect package for integration a complete healthcare organization that allows Hospitals to manage complex processes, guarantee regulative compliance and promotes enterprise-wide collaboration and to achieves a paperless system. It is a complete solution designed for a large array of hospital environments, operating in varied disciplines and industries.

What is Hospital Management Software ?

A hospital management system is a digital system that manages all the functionalities of the hospital or any healthcare centers. This system or software can facilitate creating the entire functioning paperless. It offers several functionalities like clinical, back office and generic management of all the activities. It modifies you to induce integration of all resources of the hospital in a single application.



  • Achieve Good Quality
  • Better Financial Management
  • Avoiding Errors & Tracking every detail
  • Improve hospital decisions
  • Increased Data Security
  • Cost Effective

Why Choose Our HealthCare Management System?

Our healthcare management system is designed to enhance your business processes. Our advanced and reliable technology is reasonable for your business.Our healthcare management system in {location} is a management system designed to assist and manage the many aspects of a Clinic like practice management,ICU management ,Hospital Facilities Management(health care facilities ),Hospital Process Management, Housekeeping Management System,bed management, operation theater management,Blood Bank management Software,Hospital Equipment,Front office in hospital management. It helps in observing and controlling the Clinic’s daily transactions, also as the Clinic’s performance. It additionally helps to handle the intense necessities of the Clinic.


Our Hospital Information System Modules:

  • User Management and security:
  • Enhanced security features and user management facilities are added into the MedicoPlus software. This module helps the hospital administrators to create and control users, groups and also can define the functionalities of each user and group the proven security features in this modules helps the administrators to protect the valuable data from intruders and strangers.


  • User & group level security management

  • Transaction log reports

  • Privilege level settings for user & groups

  • Automatic backup

  • Practice Management:
  • Practice management systems that deals with the day-after-day operations of a practice. Such a software system often permits users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payers, perform asking tasks, and generate reports. Also can be wont to communicate and deliver data to their patients With options like prescription reminders and interactive symptom and sign trackers, these systems will facilitate cut back time spent by patients within the hospital. Patients will recover at home as assistance is simply slightly away.

  • ICU Management:
  • ICU management permits you to deliver all of your patient's daily prescription, care, and observation desires.ICU management software provides a comprehensive set of configurable solutions, advanced technologies and outcome-management tools designed to boost employees productivity, control costs and facilitate deliver a much better care to the patient.

  • Hospital Facilities Management(health care facilities):
  • Healthcare and hospital facility management in professionals understand that each the physical setting of the facility still as expensive medical instrumentation should remain in the first condition at all times! Patient satisfaction depends on that. The hospital Facilities Management software system facilitates to chase compliance problems, making correct budgets, planning preventive maintenance. It facilitates your team continues to track, avoid lost inspections, or recertification by implementing a maintenance chase system.

  • Hospital Process Management:
  • Hospital Process Management provide higher internal controls and greatly improved potency. scale back risk, increase compliance, improve productivity, encourage potency, and gain a competitive advantage by reducing work cycles and overhead.

  • Housekeeping Management System:
  • Housekeeping Management System facilitates to Planning, distribution, and tracking of housekeeping activities will be done effectively with the help of the housework module. automotive vehicle programming maintenance activities of beds, rooms, cubicles and different areas of a hospital at predefined intervals so the hospital atmosphere remains clean, comfy and safe. The module has rights to lock the bed so it's not assigned to subsequent patient till it's clean reducing probabilities of allotting uncleaned bed

  • Bed Management:
  • Bed Management System in simplifies and saves time on patient admission, discharge, and transfer. It works in real time and caters to the requirements of clinicians and bed managers. data is simple to access and is provided on lists and graphical ward views that show wherever every patient is by ward, bay, and bed. Our bed management systems are designed to assist hospitals to manage patient flow by providing time period data to bed managers, ward employees and doctors - therefore up workers potency and serving to hospitals meet performance targets.

  • Operation Theater Management:
  • Operation theater management module caters to the programming of operation theaters, surgery team, patient tracking, operation theater expendable management, accounting and Operation theater list and notes with Death and Birth certificates.

  • Blood Bank Management Software:
  • Blood Bank management Software helps labs higher manage blood inventory and eliminate repeat phlebotomies by providing a totally integrated and strong blood bank system. Our resolution allows you to manage blood product issued to patients during a hospital or centralized transfusion service.

  • Hospital Equipment :
  • Hospital Equipment software has been designed to trace all of the medical instrumentality among the trust, also on manage and report on all associated planned and unplanned maintenance, each traditionally, current and future.

  • Front Office In Hospital Management:
  • Front office in hospital management provides the daily functions of the Front work management of a hospital. This module helps in serving a patient with correct information and supports in handling patient connected enquiries efficiently. This module having wonderful choices and advanced search facilities improves the quality of services rendered to the user.

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