payroll management in dubai

HR software in Dubai could be a scalable good payroll application designed to automatize attendance, employee records, salary, etc. of any organization. Advance the potential of workers by observant their potency and productivity at work. Our mission is to produce easy and user-focused hr package that is simple to use and efficient resolution at a constant time. We have a tendency to feel in guaranteeing that our clients are totally happy with the standard product and when sale technical support when you become our valued customer.

HR Management System Modules:

  • Employee database

  • Punch card device interface

  • Allowances

  • Salary calculations, Loan advances & Recovery

  • Deductions

  • Salary register

  • Termination processes

  • Short term & long term loans

  • Pay slips

  • PF & ESI

  • PopUp alert expiry date of valid documents

  • Overtime report


HR Management Software System


HR software system assists you to improve your workforce management. Whether or not you're trying to find hr software system, HRMS System, WPS Compliance, Wage Protection System, hr software system, or a convenient hr service, our integrated hr software system solutions embrace versatile human resources management, edges administration, and hr process practicality, together with a workforce portal, powerful coverage, and business intelligence tools. hr software system makes the life of a leader, hr manager or hr manager easier. MedicoPlus in Dubai improves productivity and simplifies the administration of your hr method, therefore you and your workers will specialize in alternative business tasks that are your core activity.


Why Choose Us:

  • Web enabled software that automates processes design to spice up productivity

  • hr management to eliminate re-keying and guarantee knowledge accuracy

  • Create one information repository to carry info on your staff

  • Provide advanced reportage tools to assist you retain the board informed


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