pharmacy management software in dubai

Our specialized pharmacy management software system is made to tackle and handle your pharmacy business in today’s robust times to make sure your revenues and your goodwill aren't lowered! our Medical friendly pharmacy management system can help you to manage all of your drugs/ medicines stocks, index, register, and calculate bills!. This software helps users to take care of the best balance among fast paced and slow moving things, which suggests, lower inventory and better profits.


Features of Pharmacy Management System

Medicines store module deals with purchase of items, issue of items, maintenance of stock automatic re-order level setting, online request for stock from various sub-stores, online stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, physical stock verification and adjustment, return of items to suppliers etc.


  • Stock Purchase
  • Store issues &receipts
  • Gift or donation of stock
  • Automatic re-order level settings
  • Direct stock entry
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Automatic tax statements
  • Stock purchase through enquiry
  • Purchase requisitions form automatic purchase order sub stores & its management generation
  • Advance payment requisition to finance
  • Good receipt note and purchase return
  • Stock destruction / expiry tracking
  • Invoice verification
  • Invoice management
  • Damage or expiry medicine returns
  • Purchase return claim
  • Medicine issues (internal) handling
  • Medicine return (internal) handling
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