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Paying attention to patient management will have several edges for medical practices and hospitals. Dashing up communications and administrative tasks reduces administrative workers time and permits staff to specialize in direct patient care. The quantity of your time spent on data entry, record keeping, and appointment reminder phone calls is additionally reduced. A patient management system typically goes on the far side simply being an electronic health record or electronic medical history (EMR). The patient management software system will integrate appointment history, patient data, diagnoses, prescriptions, asking records, and more. It also can facilitate practices and hospitals cut back prices by automating some tasks like appointment planning, causation reminders, and billing.

Patient Management & HealthCare Services in Dubai

Inpatient Management System (IP)

The inpatient module has been designed such all the key data regarding the patient like patient assessment, lab, radiology, vitals collection, input and output chart, medication data and every one different relevant data concerning the patient will all be viewed under one umbrella of the ip Nursing Dashboard.

Out Patient Management System (OPD)

Critical and very important data that is still the key for patient care decisions are often without delay captured by the nurses with the help of customizable pre-filled information under varied subsections. the knowledge captured by the nurses are often viewed by the physician, thereby taking part in an important role in cutting down the time spent by the Physicians on every patient visit.

Hospital Online Appointment & OPD Management System

Online Appointment & OPD Management System (e-Health Track) that provides patients or any user a simple manner of booking a doctor’s appointment on-line from anyplace, anytime. It’s an entire software system for Outpatients registration, treatments, charge and coverage with complete details of patient’s data.

IPD Management

Complete Inpatient Management Module that manages all your hospital inpatient functionality from Patient registration to the billing with a complete tracking of Patient records.

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